The real science of Jurassic World Dominion explained: How accurate is it?

This article contains spoilers for Jurassic World Dominion.

Jurassic World DominionPseudoscience has many flaws that stray from realism or accuracy. The jurassic park The franchise has never been praised for its scientific accuracy. Even his basic concept – the idea that dinosaur DNA could be stored in amber in the first place – is somewhat of a stretch; the preservative properties of amber have limits, and any DNA held in amber for 65 million years would inevitably have degraded.

To be fair, this kind of scientific inaccuracy is perfectly understandable; they are films, not scientific treatises. Movies have always tried to circumvent these issues as much as possible, dismissing them with an element of pseudoscience; so, for example, in jurassic park scientists have filled gaps in dinosaur DNA with DNA from modern animals, such as frogs, unwittingly introducing an element of asexual reproduction into the creatures. There is a sense in which the dinosaurs of jurassic world are in fact entirely new species, therefore different from anything that lived 65 million years ago.


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But Jurassic World Dominion takes pseudoscience in an entirely new direction, exploring themes such as human cloning and new advances in genetic engineering. Some of these elements are rather surprising; viewers would never have predicted a locust infestation. But many elements of Jurassic World Dominion stray even further from the scientific basis.

Dinosaurs finally have feathers in Jurassic World Dominion

Trailers for Jurassic World Dominion teased the first major change, and it’s actually one with an actual scientific basis. For the first time, some of the dinosaurs of Jurassic World Dominion have feathers. Many scientists had believed this to be true even before the first jurassic park The movie came out and they criticized the classic Spielberg film for omitting them. Evidence of feathered dinosaurs has grown over the years, and it’s great to see Jurassic World Dominion finally acknowledge this with the inclusion of several feathered dinosaurs in the film.

Human Cloning and Gene Editing of Maisie Explained

Jurassic World Dominion Maisie 2

The real progress of Jurassic World Dominion are found in human cloning and genetic engineering. Maisie was introduced as the first human clone of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, but real-world science is far from that kind of breakthrough. Although it is not difficult to clone a human embryo, it is difficult to safely implant a cloned fetus. Many embryos expire before they can be safely implanted, some result in miscarriages, and those that reach full term tend to have no noticeable birth defects and do not last long. It’s the kind of risk scientists are happier taking with sheep than with humans, and it means there won’t be human clones like Maisie anytime soon.

Maisie, however, would not be a identical clone. There would be variations in genetic recombination in the womb; the combination of sperm and egg is different each time. Prenatal conditions would affect development (such as parental stress, diet, and exercise). There’s even an epigenetic component, meaning Maisie’s body would have grown in a different way depending on the environment she grew up in. This means that it would have been more scientifically accurate to Jurassic World Dominion to choose another actress to play Charlotte in the recordings, one who looks like Maisie in appearance but not identical. Instead, Isabella Sermon plays both, meaning she can double as two members of Jurassic World Dominionis the cast.

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Jurassic World Dominion reveals Charlotte Lockwood, who also conducted sophisticated genetic editing on Maisie. That’s because Charlotte didn’t die in a car accident at all; rather, she died of a debilitating genetic condition, which she managed to eliminate from Maisie. Scientists have been able to modify DNA since the 1970s, but it’s easier to do in the embryonic stage – and Jurassic World Dominion seemed to suggest that Charlotte’s experiments were conducted on Maisie after she was born. Yet, in 2020, there was indeed a single seemingly successful experiment to use gene editing on an adult human, in the hopes that it would eventually restore a person’s sight; so there is precedent for Charlotte’s technology.

Could Blue have given birth alone in Jurassic World Dominion?

Jurassic World Blue and Baby Blue

Owen’s pet velociraptor, Blue, plays a smaller role in Jurassic World Dominion than the previous installments – but nonetheless important. It looks like Blue had a baby, which everyone thought was impossible – except for Dr. Henry Wu, who apparently predicted it somehow. This is theoretically possible in lizards, through a process called parthenogenesis in which young can be produced from unfertilized eggs when no mate is available for an extended period. Although parthenogenesis is rare among species evolutionarily related to dinosaurs such as birds – eggs produced by parthenogenesis rarely hatch – gaps in dinosaur DNA were filled by other species, potentially making parthenogenesis more likely. As Ian Malcolm said referring to a different process of dinosaur reproduction in jurassic parkLife finds a way.

Jurassic World Dominion Grasshoppers Are Theoretically Possible

Jurassic World Dominion Locust

Surprisingly, as Jurassic World Dominion heads towards its end, it becomes clear that the plot revolves around the locusts. Specifically, a species of mutant giant locust created by BioSyn when they combined genes from the Cretaceous era with modern locusts and created a superspecies that threatened to cause an ecological crisis. Scientists are indeed now able to create new species through gene editing, and in fact experiments have been carried out on insects – in particular on fruit flies.

Jurassic World Dominion takes this idea one step further, with the concept of “gene drives.“It is a process in which modified genes are engineered to spread through a population and override natural selection, and a scientist – Dr. Henry Wu – is able to create a modified locust that will control the rest. Presumably , its process is similar to real-world fruit fly experiments, where the new insect species were engineered to interbreed with other creatures in nature that carry specific diseases, and their offspring are unable to reproduce. – essentially guaranteeing eventual extinction a single weathered locust to quickly cause an extinction-level event, especially since the locusts have seemingly spread across the globe. Jurassic World Dominionpseudoscience does not go that far.

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Dinosaurs trained as attack weapons in Jurassic World Dominion

Atrociraptor chasing Owen Grady through a town in Jurassic World Dominion

Jurassic World Dominion features the Atrociraptor, a Late Cretaceous species that was trained as an attack weapon. It is a logical extension of jurassic worldof trained raptors such as Blue, and the idea was further developed in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom with the Indoraptor. Ironically, although some paleontologists believe it would indeed be possible to train raptors this way, it probably wouldn’t be as effective with the Atrociraptor. Only a few fossil fragments of this dinosaur have been found, and it was first misidentified as a raptor, but has now been given another classification. Unlike raptors, it is thought to have been a solitary hunter rather than a pack animal, so different training methods would have been necessary – although it could have been trained.

Could dinosaurs co-exist with humans like in Jurassic World Dominion?

Unfortunately, the sad truth is that Jurassic World DominionThe basic concept of – the idea that dinosaurs could co-exist with humans – is somewhat of a stretch. The central problem is that the world has changed a great deal over the last 65 million years; it is much cooler and ice caps and glaciers still cover large parts of the poles. One scene saw an Apatosaurus cry out sadly as it trudged through the snows; in reality, this particular dinosaur would never have encountered snow in its environment and could not have lived in such cold conditions. There certainly wouldn’t have been dinosaurs swimming in freezing water. A new Jurassic Park would be needed just to keep the dinosaurs alive.

There is, however, another element that is ignored by the entire franchise. Studies of air bubbles trapped in amber have revealed that the Cretaceous atmosphere had oxygen levels of up to 35%, compared to 21% today. Such thin air would prevent the dinosaurs from moving at any real speed, and they certainly wouldn’t go to any altitude, where the air would be even thinner. But, of course, this problem would undermine the whole jurassic park frankness – explain why Jurassic World Dominion ignore it.

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